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Understand your purpose and build your career skills profileWhat matters most to you in life and what are your long term skills requirement to fulfil your career
Evaluate jobs and match based on your skills and needs to drive you careerFind the job that delivers to your needs and helps fill any skills gaps for your career
Earn bounties even before you join by being preparedApply direct, use One Purpose skills match or refer and earn money before you even join
Negotiate on all elements of compensation and benefitsNegotiate based on your needs right now with benchmark data and recommendations from us
Set your Tour of Duty and request commitments you need from the companyBe clear on what you need from the company and get these aligned for the medium term
Earn bounties for doing side hustles and other projectsEarn extra rewards for doing extra work in and outside of your company
Set triggers to drive your career and engage on your termsGet triggers based on career drivers and choose to engage with the company on your terms
Swap your rewards for benefits or transfer to crypto and stakeUse your rewards on any benefit you choose through our benefit card or swap to crypto and DeFi
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