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Understand your positions and build the role skills profileSet competency skill profiles for all roles in the organisation to allow for better recruitment
Advertise positions with transparency and bountiesProvide growth paths and compensation transparency alongside referral, direct and match bounties
Offer and negotiate the contract to suit the individualSend offers that are clear and open to the candidate allowing them the chance to negotiate for their needs
Integrate with existing HR software without big implementationsNo need for big implementations, we integrate with your existing systems in 1 click
Allow the employees to define Tours of Duty and set commitment needsAllow employees to take control of their career by setting their own goals and requirements
Set bounties for doing side hustles and other projectsOffer bounties for driving productivity and goals associated with work
Engage with employees using leading indicators and their needsAllow employees to engage on their own terms instead of waiting on surveys to tell you too late
Offer a rewards and benefits platform where the employee is in controlAllow employees to spend their rewards and benefits on whatever they want
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The worlds first HR platform built specifically for the individual rather than the corporate.
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We have integrated with all major HR platforms to make it simple and easy to use

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